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COVID Precautions and the Retreat

As the Retreat Committee and the Executive Committee finalize the plans for the Labor Day Retreat, we know that COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. Although we cannot control the Delta variant or guarantee anyone’s health, we did want to let everyone know the precautions that we’re taking to help us have a great Retreat as safely as we can. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chair Kacy Donlon at or 813-291-3300.
Strongly encouraged
Everyone will receive a BLS mask and disposable ones will be available
Ritz staff will be masked
Hand Sanitizer
Section will have hand sanitizer at each meeting room and at registration desk
Hand sanitizer will also be included in swag bags
This is in addition to sanitizer provided by the hotel
Receptions/Cocktail Hours
Friday and Saturday – Outside
  • Saturday & Monday – grab & go breakfast in individual bags
  • Sunday – individual vouchers for use at Artisans restaurant – indoor/outdoor
  • Saturday – Business Court Roundtable
  • 6 seats at 10 person table
  • Tables 6 feet apart
  • No pre-plated food out on tables (i.e. salad, dessert)
  • Friday & Saturday
  • Buffet served by masked Ritz staff
  • Indoor seating – 6 seats at 10 person table
  • Tables 6 feet apart
  • Outdoor seating available
Evening Activities
Hospitality Suite at the Beach House Friday and Sunday – indoor and outdoor options
Saturday night – Karaoke – Artisans restaurant – indoor and outdoor, mic covers and antibacterial mic spray provided for karaoke
Sunday night – wine tasting – indoor/outdoor options
Night on the Town Dinner – indoor and outdoor dining options
Revised seating plans to allow for distancing
  • 2 seats at 6 foot tables
  • Some perimeter seating
Hand sanitizer in each room
Virtual options for most meetings (zoom for larger meetings and telephone for smaller meetings)
  • We will have red bracelets that registrants can wear to signal that they prefer to keep their distance from folks.
  • Strongly encourage people not to shake hands or hug
  • Recommend anyone who is not feeling well to stay home

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