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Legislation Committee

Who We Are

The Legislation Committee is charged with overseeing the Section’s legislative activities, including working with the Section’s substantive committees to propose legislation supported by the Section and monitoring the legislative filings during the Session to provide input on any bills that effect the substantive areas of law relevant to the Section’s attorneys.


Members of the Legislation Committee:

*Chair Stephanie Lieb
*Vice Chair Peter Valori
*Second Vice Chair Robert Barron
At-large (Business Litigation) Paige Greenlee
At-large (Bankr/UCC) Mariane Dorris
At-large (Computer Law) Daniel Davis
At-large (Corporations) Michelle Suarez
At-large (I.P) Samuel Lewis
At-large Jodi Dubose
At-large Detra Shaw-Wilder
At-large Woodrow “Woody” Pollack
At-large Bart Valdes
At-large Russell Landy
At-large Robert Kain
Academic Chair Prof. Jeffrey Davis
Academic Chair Prof. Stuart Cohn
Aimee Diaz Lyon Legislative Consultant
Doug Bell Legislative Consultant



This Committee meets regularly by telephone/Zoom throughout the year to address Section-sponsored legislation as well as legislation that impacts or effects our members.