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Membership Committee

Juan Mendoza

Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor

First Vice Chair
Hon. Karen Specie

Hon. Karen Specie

Judicial Chair

Zach Evangelista

Second Vice Chair

Who We Are

The mission of the Florida Bar Business Law Section Membership Committee is to recruit new members and to retain current members of the Florida Bar Business Law Section, to promote diversity and inclusion, and to promote participation in pro bono work by current and new members of the Florida Bar Business Law Section.

Scholars Update:

In 2015, we had 19 Scholars from 11 law schools

In 2016, we had 27 students from 10 law schools

This year, we are ahead of the curve… and were able to connect with the various law schools before the

Based on the feedback we have received from our Scholars to date, we remain excited about the continued growth of the ever expanding Scholars Program

We will continue reaching out to members of executive counsel to assist us and provide ideas as to how to increase membership

BLS Scholars Program

BLS Mentoring

The Business Law Section’s Mentoring Program seeks to connect recently graduated law students and young lawyers with experienced attorneys within our membership to provide guidance on career and professional development and growth. Learn more here.

Current Projects

In order to increase membership and participation in the Florida Bar Business Law Section, the Membership Committee has developed a strategic plan to communicate the benefits of membership through multiple channels. The Committees immediate objectives are to: (1) enhance our relationship with law schools throughout Florida; (2) create and distribute through the website and social media promotional videos; (3) reach out to potential new members through existing members and law firms; (4) plan and host social events with young lawyers and other sections of the Florida Bar; (5) promote the Section’s mentoring program; and (6) reach out to current members by sending them updates of current events and news of the Florida Bar Business Law Section.


FIU Scott Norberg
FSU Liaison Dean Henley
NSU Liaison Prof. Marilyn Cane
UF Liaison Prof. Danny Sokol
UM Liaison Prof. Andrew Dawson


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