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Who We Are

Charged with advancing and facilitating cooperation, communication, and collaboration of new members and future leaders in the Business Law Section (the “Section”), IMF consists of an array of members-—including judges, academics and private practitioners—who are charged with the task of fostering a welcoming environment within the Section encouraging involvement and contributions to the goals of the Section through our mentoring, fellowship, and scholars programs. Read more about the IMF Committee’s goals in our Strategic Plan.

Fostering Involvement:

In fulfilling the charge of fostering a welcoming environment to the Section, IMF serves as a key strategist for increasing the number of new and traditionally underrepresented members of The Florida Bar involved in the Section’s activities and plumbing the educational pipelines into the profession for greater representation. Through its work and programs, IMF provides a forum for members to becoming active and building networks in our Section and the legal profession.

The goal of IMF is to advance involvement within the Section and help pave the road to leadership within the Section. IMF provides valuable opportunities to Florida Bar members who are traditionally underrepresented in the areas of business law, including those who experience physical, social, economic or cultural impediments to becoming a member of the Section.


The Section has implemented a Fellowship Program to provide a two-year subsidy to eight qualified applicants who express an interest in becoming active in the substantive work and leadership of the Section. During their participation in the Fellowship Program, selected “Fellows” will receive leadership training and work closely with leading attorneys in the Business Law field. At the end of their Fellowship term, we are confident all Fellows will find the program enhanced their personal and professional development.

Fellowship Program Description

Applications will be accepted for 2024-2026 in early 2024. Learn more here.

Current Fellowship Class


Communication & Marketing Committee:
Chairs: Lauren Stricker and Tyler Brand Stall
Vice Chairs: Matthew Akiba and Valerie David

Responsible for monitoring and updating Business Law Section IMF web page and associated social media (current events, calendaring IMF-related events, related links); and providing emails to the Fellows with important reminders, forms, and helpful information.

Networking Committee:
Co-Chairs: Adam Gilbert and Jake Isenberg
Vice Chairs: Zachary Needell; Elizabeth Brusa, and Joseph Coleman

Responsible for organizing social and networking events with and for BLS Fellows and Scholars, both virtual and in-person. Plan Sunday Dine Around dinner plans for the Fellows. Organize and schedule Fellow meal meet-ups and activities during the Section meetings. Research and reach out to voluntary bar organizations and other sections of the Florida Bar regarding regional events.

CLE Committee:
Co-Chairs: Chemere Ellis and Katherine Van De Bogart
Vice Chair: Alejandra M. Iglesia; Kameron Fleming; and Reinaldo Gomez de la Vega

Responsible for developing CLE program and speaker database on topics that benefit and serve IMF’s goals within the Section.

Mentoring Committee:

Co-Chairs: Marisol Cruz, April Martindale

Vice Co-Chairs: Nader Amer; Kayla Heckman; Ian Corp; Jacinda D. Béraud

Matching of mentees and mentors derived from BLS website. Monitor and supervise the experience of mentees and fellows. Plan mentoring/mentee event for the Retreat. Work with Membership Committee as needed to assist the Scholars Program.

Collaboration and Involvement Committee:
Chair: Katherine Van De Bogart(current IMF Vice Chair)
Incoming Chair: Nicole McLemore
Current Members:
a. Mariane Dorris,
b. Jacob Isenberg,
c. Chemere Ellis,
d. Adam Gilbert,
e. Tara Trevorrow.
f. all 2023-2025 Fellows are heavily encouraged to attend meetings and contribute.

Responsible for periodic updates to the BLS Strategic Plan updates. Monitor the BLS’s CLE programming to ensure that BLS Entities conduct CLE programs which foster collaboration and involvement of all members. The Subcommittee has authority to engage and assist any BLS Entities to further participation and connections with new and underrepresented members.

For more information or to get involved with IMF, please contact the Co-Chairs of the Subcommittee you are interested in.



To join this committee please sign into your profile and select this committee from the committee list.


This committee will meet during the Florida Bar’s Annual Convention in June 2024 – more details to follow.

Writing Workshop

Fellowship to Leadership