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Bankruptcy Judicial Liaison Committee

Kenneth Murena

Kenneth Murena

Hon. Roberta Colton

Hon. Roberta Colton

Judicial Chair

Who We Are

The Bankruptcy Judicial Liaison Committee of the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar was formed in the mid-1990’s to provide a forum for informal communication and the sharing of ideas and/or complaints among the bar and the bench. The committee is uniquely situated to advance ideas to improve bankruptcy law procedures and practice in Florida’s three Federal Districts. The Committee works toward the adoption of uniform procedures throughout the state’s bankruptcy courts. Florida’s Bankruptcy Judges and the Clerks of the Bankruptcy Courts are always invited to attend the committee’s meetings. All comments made during the meeting are off the record. In the past, ideas proposed in the committee have resulted in the adoption of new procedures by the bench and/or the adoption of new local rules. The committee meets three times a year: at the Business Law Section Retreat during Labor Day weekend, at the Annual Florida Bar meeting in June, and at the Florida Bar Midyear meeting in January.

Current Projects

  • Harmonizing the local rules between the Districts.
  • Harmonizing procedures between the Districts.
  • Facilitating communications between the practitioners and the Court.
  • Facilitate communications between the practitioners and the Clerks of the Courts.
  • Reporting on legislative efforts.


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