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Business Courts Task Force

Hon. Gill Freeman

Hon. Gill Freeman (ret.)

Jon Polenberg

Jon Polenberg

Amir Isaiah

Amir Isaiah

Vice Chair

The Business Courts Task Force was formed in 2018 to evaluate the need for a statewide business court system.  If the Task Force determines that there is such a need, it then plans to design and provide a draft structure for such courts.  It would also then focus on identifying and securing appropriate resources, support and funding to implement such a system.  Co-Chairs Judge Gill Freeman (Ret.) and Jon Polenberg welcome your input.  Stay tuned for developments.

Our committee made the Florida Bar News

Legislative Subcommittee

Judge LaRose
Melanie Damian
Patricia McConnell
Chris DeCort
Michael Higer

Funding Subcommittee

Judge Steinbeck
Michelle Suarez
Melanie Damian
Braxton Gillam

Policy Subcommittee

Judge Norton
Judge Sasser
Michelle Suarez
Carrie Ann Wozniak
Doug Bates

Logistics and Operations Subcommittee

Judge Lauten
Judge Myers
Judge Bailey
Rick Gross
John Emmanuel