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One of the goals of the Business Law Section (BLS) is to recruit young future lawyers. The Scholars Program is designed to further this goal by providing law students the opportunity to attend the Business Law Section’s Labor Day Retreat, its yearly flagship event. Through the Scholars Program, BLS can introduce students into the Section by providing them the opportunity to interact with seasoned business lawyers and judges, and to get involved in the various committees and projects of the Section. At the Retreat, Scholars will be able to immerse themselves in various social and academic activities offered by BLS, providing them the opportunity to build meaningful relationships, join and participate in substantive law committees, and learn recent developments by attending continuing legal education sessions.

As a participant in the Scholars Program, each Scholar will receive the following:

Mentorship. Each Scholar will be paired with a BLS mentor to help the Scholar navigate the Retreat and its events and share advice for a successful career in business law.
Professional recognition. After completing the program requirements, each Scholar will receive a certificate recognizing their participation in the program. Scholars are also encouraged to list involvement in this program on their resume.
Enhanced law school experience. Scholars will receive continued opportunities for involvement in BLS, which will help them stand out from their peers.
Stipend. Each Scholar will be entitled to a stipend of up to $550.00 as follows:

  • $450.00 (in the form of a credit or otherwise to be determined by BLS) to pay the Student Rate to register for the Business Law Section Labor Day Retreat.
  • Up to $100 to cover reimbursable expenses such as meals and transportation.

Requirements for Participants in the Scholars Program:

  • Attend at least 2 substantive committee meetings
  • Attend the Inclusion, Mentoring, Fellowship (IMF) Committee Meeting
  • Attend the Membership Committee’s “First Retreat Meet-n-Greet”

Application period for 2023 has closed. 

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