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Fellow Spotlight: Alejandra Iglesia

The Business Law Section Diversity Fellowship Program is designed to assist a diverse and inclusive group of lawyers in becoming better leaders within our profession and the Business Law Section, while enhancing their leadership skills, as an encouragement and commitment to attract young and diverse lawyers to join, participate and ultimately serve in leadership positions of the Business Law Section. The Business Law Section will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Fellowship Program with the incoming 2023 class. Applications are being accepted until April 1st. The Inclusion/Mentorship/Fellowship Committee will be sharing Fellow Spotlights to allow the Section to get to know our outstanding current fellows on a weekly basis leading up to the application deadline.

If you know a dynamic business law attorney, encourage them to apply here.

Alejandra Iglesia is a member of the 2021-2023 Class of the Florida Business Law Section Fellowship Program.

What is your favorite thing about law practice?
Thinking through the strategy of a case and figuring out how to get what my client needs. That piece of it is a lot of fun. It’s also inherently competitive, and even though it can be stressful, I find it fun and motivating when there is something at stake—win or lose.

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?
I can think of two pieces of advice that come to mind right off the bat: first—aim before you shoot. Second, and relatedly, be excruciatingly prepared. Preparation is key! Overprepare and prepare like crazy. No matter the situation you are walking into, be overprepared.

When did you realize you wanted to be a lawyer?
I never thought a lot about being a lawyer when I was growing up, but I had a couple of respected mentors in high school and college that helped guide me toward the law because of my writing and speaking skills. I ended up interning at a law firm in Miami one summer, loved it, and never looked back.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
I once played tennis with Serena Williams! I played tennis in middle school and in high school, and as part of a promotion for Nike, myself and some other girls got to rally with Serena at a court in Key Biscayne. I got to watch her serve behind a speedometer, which she clocked in at over 95 mph!

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