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Fellow Spotlight: Raychelle Tasher

The Business Law Section Diversity Fellowship Program is designed to assist a diverse and inclusive group of lawyers in becoming better leaders within our profession and the Business Law Section, while enhancing their leadership skills, as an encouragement and commitment to attract young and diverse lawyers to join, participate and ultimately serve in leadership positions of the Business Law Section. The Business Law Section will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Fellowship Program with the incoming 2023 class. Applications are being accepted until April 1st. The Inclusion/Mentorship/Fellowship Committee will be sharing Fellow Spotlights to allow the Section to get to know our outstanding current fellows on a weekly basis leading up to the application deadline.

If you know a dynamic business law attorney, encourage them to apply here.

Raychelle Tasher:

Raychelle Tasher is an Assistant United States Attorney in the Civil Division at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida where she represents the United States and its interest in bankruptcy cases. She’s a Fellow of the Business Law Section as part of the 2021-2023 class. To get to know Raychelle better, she has answered the following questions.

What has been your best experience from your time as a Fellow?

I love the Labor Day Retreat. It’s so much fun, being on Marco Island, and by the water. The Beach Party was so cool—you could lounge on a beach chair or play sports. There was something for everyone and the entire weekend provides a lot of opportunities to socialize and get to know others in attendance.

 What kind of cases/matters excite you most to work on?

Over the years, I’ve really enjoyed working on large Chapter 11 cases. These types of cases are often the most complex and there are so many different players who work together to get the business to confirmation. It’s a collaborative effort to get the creditors paid, maximizing the value of the estate, and in turn, the debtor gets a fresh start.

 Do you collect anything?

Yes! I collect Black Santa figurines and decor. I started collecting them about three years when a friend pointed out the lack of diversity in Santas during the Christmas holiday season. When I acquired my first Black Santa figurine, I thought I’d collect them for my daughter as a fun way to celebrate Christmas. But since then, it’s become a yearly family tradition to find and purchase as many Black Santas as possible. My collection has grown to approximately fifty Black Santas, including a life-size one.

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