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Update from the Winter Meetings

January’s Winter Meetings marked our fourth meeting conducted remotely via Zoom. We are all looking forward to the day when we can safely meet in person again. The Annual Convention is currently scheduled for June 9-13 at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. Fingers crossed!

The Bankruptcy/UCC Committee voted to approve a proposal to amend Fla. Stat. 679.4061 and 679.4081. These amendments will bring Florida’s UCC in conformity with the uniform laws. The committee plans to seek a triple motion in June in order to pursue these during the 2021 legislative session.

The Business Litigation Committee provided reports from its three Task Forces: Restrictive Covenants (Section 542.335), Chapter 48 and the Chapter 607 Drafting Subcommittee (regarding the Son of a Glitch Bill).

The Computer Law & Technology Committee anticipates a comprehensive data privacy/security bill will be introduced and is prepared to address that issue with a review and a whitepaper. In addition, two bills were already introduced – Social Media Privacy and Sales Tax for online transactions were discussed.

The Corporations, Securities and Financial Services Committee received a report from the Chapter 607 Drafting Subcommittee discussing the status of the glitch bill. They also reported that the draft First Supplement to the Report on Third-Party Legal Opinion Customary Practice in Florida dated December 3, 2011 was updated and approved by the Opinion Standards Committee to incorporate certain non-substantive changes necessitated as a result of revisions to the Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act and the Florida Corporations Act.

The Federal Securities Institute will not be held in 2021 due to concerns that a virtual program would not be successful.

The Intellectual Property Committee reported that the Intellectual Property Symposium will be held virtually on April 22 and 23. the 542.335 Task Force has now submitted its proposed revisions to section 542.335 to Senator Gruters for sponsoring and is looking for a House Sponsor.

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