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South Florida Bankruptcy Cases, Pro Bono Needs

From the Put Something Back Project

The following cases would appreciate your assistance. Please advise Lotoya Brown are available to help one of these clients in need. If you would like to view cases in any other area of law please let her know!


24-0232654  Client is seeking legal assistance due to excessive debt and collections actions. Client seeking solutions including bankruptcy.

24-0232723  Client seeking legal assistance with filing chapter 7 bankruptcy due to excessive debts.

24-0234736  Spanish speaking client needs legal assistance filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

24-0234603  Client seeking legal assistance with chapter 7 bankruptcy.

24-0234737  Client is seeking legal assistance for chapter 7 bankruptcy

24-0235359  Client is seeking legal assistance in filling for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

24-0234633  Spanish speaking client need to file for bankruptcy due to garnishment.

24-0235495  Client needs assistance filing for bankruptcy due to overwhelming debt which has caused her license being suspended.

24-0236712  Client needs assistance with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The client is struggling to keep up with their credit card debt and wishes to eliminate it.

24-0237669  Client seeking filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy

24-0236531  Spanish-speaking client seeking legal assistance to file bankruptcy.

24-0236720  Client is seeking assistance to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy due to her overwhelm with expenses that she cannot pay any longer.

24-0236815  Client is seeking assistance in order file chapter 7 bankruptcy.

24-0238164  ”Client needs assistance with filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

24-0238301  Client needs legal assistance to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy. They have much debt and has been out of work for a year.

24-0238199  Client is seeking assistance to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy due to the overwhelming debts she has incurred.

24-0237603  Client is seeking assistance to discuss plans to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Client has already started the process pro se but doesn’t know the next step or if that was the best decision for her circumstances.

24-0233686  Client is seeking help to understand the bankruptcy process. Client has debt and is a mother to a young child. She needs to speak with someone who can help her navigate her situation.

24-0238329  Client is seeking help with filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Client believes this is will be helpful for him and would like help with the process.

24-0238956  Client seeking assistance to learn about and possible file chapter 7 bankruptcy

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