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Takeaway from Spring Retreat

By Kacy Donlon, Chair

Our Section Retreat to Ireland was truly magical. But rather than provide a travelogue, I wanted to provide a takeaway from the journey. I understand that not everyone can get away for a week in the spring for various reasons, but one of the best parts of the trip was getting to know other Section members better. Our Section meetings are busy times and, especially during COVID, have not offered much of an opportunity for networking and comradery. However, I would really encourage you to look for opportunities to get to know your fellow Section members. If you find yourself at a hearing or deposition in another part of the state, why not look up a fellow member in that locale? Work with a study group, task force, or smaller committee that meets more regularly between our in- person meetings. Reach out to local Section members for a cup of coffee or a happy hour. Volunteer to act as a mentor to a younger Section member or Fellow. This Section has amazing members. I encourage you to get to know each other.

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