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Executive Council – Archive

Archive of Previous Agendas/Minutes

Annual Convention 2024

Agenda – Annual EC 62024 FINAL

Exhibit 1 BLS Minutes 1.18.24

May Financial Statement- EC

Exhibit 3 Business Law Section CLE Policy Draft 3

 Executive Council is sponsored by

Winter Meeting 2024

Meeting Package

Retreat 2023

Meeting Package as of 8/27/2023

Materials from Rules of Court Committee, 9/3 BLS DRAFT Comment to New Rules Final Version

Annual Convention 2023, Meeting package

Winter Meeting 2023, Meeting materials

Retreat 2022

Executive Council Agenda – 2022 BLS Annual Retreat- 9.5.2022, updated 9/4

BLS Posted Budget- Approved 2021-2022

Judge Reimbursement Information-3.29.2022

Section Division Travel Reimbursement July 2022-December 2022

Report to Council of Sections, June 2021


Council of Sections Report, January 2021

Council of Sections Report, January 2020

Annual Meeting 2022, Meeting package

Winter Meeting 2022

Labor Day Retreat 2021

Annual Meeting, June 2021

Spring Retreat, March 2021

EC Agenda Spring EC Retreat Meeting 2021

Midyear Meeting, January 2021

EC Agenda, January 2021

Labor Day Meetings 

Annual Convention, Virtual, June 2020

Midyear Meeting, January 2020

Annual Meeting 2019 

Winter Meeting 2019 

Retreat 2018

Annual Meeting 2018

Winter Meeting 2018

Retreat 2017

Additional Materials from CLE

Annual Meeting 2017

Winter Meeting 2017

Retreat 2016

Annual Meeting, 06/16

Meeting Agenda

Midyear Meeting

2016Meeting Materials

2015/2016 Budget

Retreat 2015 Meeting Minutes

Retreat 2015

Meeting agenda

June Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Annual Meeting for Election of Officers

Annual Meeting, 06/15, Meeting Package

Midyear Meeting, 01/15

Meeting Agenda

Minutes, Retreat 2014

Retreat 2014

Annual Meeting, 06/14, Meeting Package

Midyear Meeting, 01/14

2012/2013 Year End Budget

Meeting Package

Retreat 2013

Annual Meeting, 06/13

Working Draft of House Bill, 608 Drafting Committee

01/10/13 Meeting Agenda

ABC Final White Paper

ABC Final Amendments

Annual Meeting, 06/12

Past EC Meeting Minutes

Past Chair Messages