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2022 Financial Literacy Legislation, We need your help!

Bills have been introduced in the both the Florida House and Senate known as “The “Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act” (SB 1054 Financial Literacy Instruction in Public Schools, and HB 1115: High School Graduation Requirements in Personal Finance). The bills, although not exactly the same, are very similar. The proposed legislation would mandate a one-half credit of instruction in personal financial literacy and money management for all students.

The Senate bill was recently referred to the Senate Education and Senate Rules Committees. BLS MEMBERS, WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We ask that you write to each of the senators on these committees to express our support for the legislation. Our Task Force has made it easy for you to help in this endeavor. We have drafted a sample letter in MS Word, and posted it HERE. We have also posted a list of the members of these committees together with their physical and email addresses of where you would need to send each letter below.

All you have to do is download the sample letter, modify it to your writing style if you so choose, address it to each of the senators, print the letters on your letterhead, and just sign and mail (and/or email) them. THAT’S IT! IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!


Fla. Senate Rules Committee

Fla. Senate Education Committee

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