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Fellowship to Leadership: Giacomo Bossa

Giacomo Bossa, 2015-2017 Fellow

Your practice areas: Business Litigation.

Service in the Business Law Section:

Vice-Chair – Opinions Standard: 2017

First and Second Vice Chair – Litigation (2018-2019)

Chair – Litigation and Chapter 48 Task Force (2020 – 2021)

Chair and Vice-Chair – State & Federal Judicial Liaison (2022-2021)

Did you have a mentor or leader that encouraged you to get more
involved or otherwise motivated you to stay involved in BLS?

I had a lot over the years. I hope I will not offend anyone by naming just these three: Mark Hildreth at the very beginning, Leyza Blanco all around, and Jim Murphy more recently.

What was the most beneficial about your time as a Fellow?

Access to mentorship and substantive knowledge from legal giants.

What is your advice for the current Fellows?
Go to as many meetings as possible, including Exec Retreat.

Celebrating 10 years of BLS Fellows. Meet some of our Business Law Section leaders who are alumni of the Fellowship program.

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