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Fellowship to Leadership: Utibe Ikpe

Utibe I. Ikpe, 2018-2020 Fellow
Meland Budwick, Miami, FL

Service in the Business Law Section:
2022-2023 Continuing Legal Education Committee Chair
2023-2024 Business Litigation Committee Second Vice Chair

What was your drive to apply for the BLS Fellowship?

I was encouraged to apply for the fellowship by James Moon. He told me about BLS and the fellowship and encouraged me to get involved with the Section. I am very thankful for his guidance.

What was your most memorable experience as a Fellow?

I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and welcoming everyone was. People went out of their way to say hello to the fellows, and I appreciated that as a first-time attendee that did not know many people within the Section.

What is your advice for the current Fellows?
Find something you are genuinely interested in and get involved.

Celebrating 10 years of BLS Fellows. Meet some of our Business Law Section leaders who are alumni of the Fellowship program.

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