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Fellowship to Leadership: Toni Tsvetanova

Toni Tsvetanova, 2020-2022 Fellow
Senior Counsel, Altria Client Services, Boca Raton, FL

Your practice areas: International and domestic mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations and other transactions.

Service in the Business Law Section:
2023-2024 Corporations, Securities and Financial Services Chair
Chair of the Chapter 617 Task Force

What was your drive to apply for the BLS Fellowship?

At the time, a partner at my law firm Akerman LLP encouraged me and other associates to apply.

Did you have a mentor or leader who encouraged you to get more involved or motivated you to stay involved in BLS?
Michelle Suarez played a key role in encouraging me to get involved with projects and eventually suggesting I apply for leadership positions. Judge Jay Brown similarly encouraged me to stay involved.

What is your advice for the current Fellows?

Getting involved in substantive projects and applying for leadership positions is the best way to learn how the BLS works and stay involved. I also recommend attending the Legislative Committee sessions to get a good overview of the various types of legislation that come out of the different committees and task forces. Last, I recommend attending the Labor Day Retreat and other meetings – it is a great way to meet people and learn about the BLS!

Celebrating 10 years of BLS Fellows. Meet some of our Business Law Section leaders who are alumni of the Fellowship program.

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