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April is now known as “FINANCIAL LITERACY MONTH” In Florida

The past couple of years have certainly increased our awareness about the importance of financial education. The BLS Legislation Committee, Pro Bono Committee and Financial Literacy Task Force were instrumental in enacting into law last year the Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act, which now requires high school students entering the freshman year in 2023 to take a financial literacy course to receive a standard high school diploma.  Increased also is the realization that sometimes there are consequences we face due to previously made (or unmade) financial decisions. The unforeseen effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns led to an unexpected loss of employment and a lack of emergency savings that also awakened each of us as to why it is important to save for that rainy day.  High inflation rates now also remind us about budgeting and affordability of goods – and thinking about our wants and needs in the process. The recent crypto fiasco and bank failures have placed in doubt our financial system, and made us once again aware of insured deposits through the FDIC and NCUA. The reality is that for many Americans the idea of making financial decisions can seem bleak and worrisome. We can choose to ignore the problems we face, but that will unfortunately not make them go away. Instead, the key to strength in times of economic uncertainty and turmoil is more financial education.  April is recognized as National Financial Literacy month and has been recognized as such since 2003.  Florida, in following the same footsteps as the federal government for financial education awareness through the assistance of the BLS, has now joined such efforts and is likewise recognizing April as “FINANCIAL LITERACY MONTH”.  See Senate Journal No. 6, Reg. Sess., Mar. 22, 2023 (SR 710), pp. 1-2 (Florida Senate’s resolution declaring April as Financial Literacy Month).  Once more, the BLS and its leadership train are at the forefront of financial education advocacy in Florida. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this day a reality for all Floridians.


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