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Veterans Financial Literacy Program goes Statewide!

The Business Law Section’s Financial Literacy Task Force is proud to announce the launching of their statewide Veterans Financial Literacy Program to take place this coming November 2023 (Veterans Month) in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and Pensacola. You can help veterans across Florida learn to make educated financial decisions and avoid pitfalls.  We would very much love for you to participate in this program. If you have not already done so in the past, and are willing to participate in this worthy cause, please feel free to enroll in our database for the BLS Veterans Financial Literacy Program at

Feel free to call or write to me for more information, questions or concerns.

Thanks in advance for your help to our veteran community!

Thank you


Carlos E. Sardi, Chair

BLS Financial Literacy Task Force


Sardi Law PLLC

225 Alcazar Ave

Coral Gables, FL 33134

Tel: 305-697-8690



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