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From Laces of Love

The Business Law Section 2023 Annual Labor Day Retreat included a fundraiser for Laces of Love. Members collected 45 pairs of shoes as well as generous monetary donations. 

September 11, 2023

Dear Mike and all the wonderful members of the Fl Bar Association Retreat Day!

It is with great appreciation that I address this letter to you! Thank you for supporting Laces of Love and our mission! WE were so excited to receive your generous gift of donations on line and 45 pairs of new shoes! The service project was wonderful and I enjoyed working with your team of volunteers on Sunday morning collecting shoe donations! We are presently delivering for Back-to-School and shoes have become very expensive! There is a great need at this time and your very generous donation will help in a big way!

You have embraced our charity with GREAT LOVE! Many children in our schools and shelters are struggling. This picture above was taken at a back-to-school event after he picked out his new shoes! We believe his smile says it all! A new pair of shoes does make a difference in a child’s life.

Laces of Love was founded in 2005 and has donated over 300,000 pairs of new shoes in Southwest Florida. Thank you for your kindness and support for our mission. To Date: 12,720 pairs have been delivered to Hurricane Ian Families. When a child in need receives a new pair of shoes, they feel confident and know someone cares about them. Thank you again. Your support has made a tremendous difference!


Jeanne Nealon
The Shoe Lady!
Laces of Love Charitable Foundation



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