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Fellowship to Leadership: April Hosford Stone

April Hosford Stone, 2019-2021 Fellow
Tromberg, Morris & Poulin, Boca Raton, FL

Your practice area(s): secured creditor representation, specializing in primary mortgage and merchant cash advance lenders.

Service in the Business Law Section:
2023-2022 Communications Committee Vice Chair
2021-2022 Retreat Committee Chair
2021-2022 Budget Committee Member at Large

What was your drive to apply for the BLS Fellowship?

Judge Brown reached out to me and encouraged me to apply. I have always loved the Section. The Fellowship was an opportunity to further develop relationships and get even more involved in the Section.

What is your advice for the current Fellows?

Pick a few things to do very well and trust the process. It takes a few years to develop these relationships, but building great relationships will truly benefit you as a professional and a person.

Celebrating 10 years of BLS Fellows. Meet some of our Business Law Section leaders who are alumni of the Fellowship program.

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