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Sponsor Spotlight: Florida Appeals

We love our sponsors! Meet Florida Appeals, a Sapphire Sponsor.

1. What services does your firm provide? We are highly specialized in complex civil appeals in all six of the district courts of appeal, the Supreme Court of Florida, and the federal appellate courts. By focusing on appeals, we remain fluent in the ever-changing appellate rules and procedures, ensuring that deadlines are not missed, and appropriate motions and responses are filed. We also assist trial lawyers in the lower courts to ensure critical issues are preserved for appellate review and are not inadvertently waived, which can easily cost the client and trial lawyer the ability to win on appeal.

And if all that’s too hard to remember, just remember this:


2. What is your name? Shannon McLin (pronounced MACK’-lin, like in “The
Mack is Back!”)

3. What is your position/role in the firm? Founder and CEO

4. What do you see as the greatest economic challenge in your industry right now?
AI programs like ChatGPT and the public’s misconception that they can utilize such programs to replace legal research, writing, and the lawyer’s analytical skills.

5. What are the top 3 things that you would want the BLS membership to know
about working with your firm?
1. We are super easy to work with!
2. We LOVE working with trial lawyers to help them look GREAT to their clients. When you get us on board, it’s a win-win. The client has appellate expertise, and you have a team behind you to bounce ideas off of and to help your work product be the best in can be.
3. I absolutely love what I do, and sitting second (or third) chair at trial is one of my favorite aspects of my career. I’ll politely kick you under the table to make sure you make a record for the appellate court, and we’ll have a lot of fun and build comradery along the way!

6. Is there anything else that you would like to add? We are thrilled with the
opportunity to become more involved in the Business Law Section.

Fun Facts About You:

1. What led you to become an attorney? My Dad, Walt McLin, was a great
influence on my decision to go to law school. He taught me from an early
age that law is an avenue to help others who are facing stressful times. I
found my calling during my first semester of law school in Legal Research
and Writing class. It was then that I absolutely knew I wanted to be an
appellate lawyer and worked from that day forward to make it happen.

2. What advice would you give to new attorneys? Promote civility in your
practice. Be professional. At the beginning of your representation, call
opposing counsel to introduce yourself. If you make a mistake such as
accidentally misstating a fact in a pleading or brief, correct it and call the
other side and apologize.

3. This or that: flight or cruise? Flight! After college and before law school, I
became a flight attendant so I could travel, and had the opportunity to have
some exciting adventures like watching the Berlin Wall crumble and climbing
Mt. Kilimanjaro!

4. This or that: Universal Studios or Disney World? The beach!

5. What is your favorite comics books character? Wonder Woman, of course.


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