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Sponsor Spotlight: RealAdvice

We love our sponsors! Meet RealAdvice, a new Diamond Sponsor. We spoke with Todd Jones, Principal and CEO.

What services does your firm provide?

We work with buyers and sellers of institutional grade commercial real estate to minimize state and local tax liabilities at the closing table.

What is your name?

Todd D. Jones

What is your position/role in the firm?

Principal & CEO

What do you see as the greatest economic challenge in your industry right now?

Recent and dramatic increases in insurance rates and the cost of capital (i.e., lenders’ interest rates) have significantly reduced real estate transaction activity. Reduced transaction activity adversely impacts the broader economy.

What are the top 3 things that you would want the BLS membership to know about working with your firm?

RealAdvice offers a proven strategy that assures clients don’t inadvertently commit state tax fraud when conveying commercial real estate.
RealAdvice helps deals pencil that otherwise would not.
RealAdvice should be contacted when the purchase and sale agreement is being negotiated.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Our website is a valuable resource.

Fun Facts About You:

What led you to become an appraiser?

My father was the Tax Assessor for the City of Miami Beach.

This or that: mountains or beach?


This or that: football or basketball?

College football.

What is your favorite Marvel character?

Tony Stark.

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