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EDDE CLE Program at Annual Convention

By Avery S. Chapman, Chair of the Electronic Discovery & Digital Evidence Committee

This program will be available soon on demand. Check back for the link. 

We now have held our annual 4-hour CLE on June 23, 2023 (CLE Course # 5859), with CLE credits of: 4.0 General, 4.0 Tech, 2.0 Ethics.  We had over 60 registrants and over 35 live attendees.   The CLE provided 4 modules consisting of ESI case law review, a tips and tricks ESI practitioner presentation, a mock ESI hearing with a judicial panel, and a judicial panel Q&A.

On June 23rd, the Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Committee (“EDDEC”) presented  its annual  4-hour CLE, moderated by Avery Chapman, Chair of the EDDEC.  This practical seminar by the EDDEC provided attendees first with an overview of the latest developments in ESI-related law.  Bart Valdes, and Valerie David provided updates and insights regarding new developments in ESI and digital evidence decisions.  The next module followed with practical tips by Harry Dorcy, an attorney well-seasoned in supporting ESI-centric litigation and trials and whose discovery practice specializes in forensics and structured data analytics. Harry presented practical strategies and discussed motions and use of programs to obtain, mine, and cogently utilize ESI while providing properly supported argument to the court.

Then, the ever-popular mock hearing followed between Chair Avery Chapman and Darren Spielman, past Chair, based on a mock Motion to Compel, which surfaced issues regarding violations and failures of ESI preservation, collection and production.  The hearing was held before a judicial panel comprised of United States Magistrate Judges William Matthewman and Jared Strauss of the Southern District, and provided lively colloquy.   The EDDEC seminar concluded with the judicial panel discussing significant issues regarding ESI and other digital evidence. During the entire 4-hour seminar, Q&A was open and available for the panelists and all seminar participants.

The EDDEC welcomes new members.  This term, we have two 2023-24 BLS fellows on our Committee- Valerie David and Jacinda Beraud.  Another CLE is planned for next year’s Annual Convention, and interim CJE seminars are also planned for the coming term.

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